Health – Virtual tour

Clinics and hospitals

Explore the virtual tour of The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre

The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre uses a 3D virtual tour to introduce you to their institution and their team

Explore the virtual tour of THE ALL ENGLAND PRACTICE

The main features of the virtual tour

A guided visit

Let yourself be guided towards the most interesting features of a place.

A virtual tour

Move where you want, when you want and explore every nook and cranny.

2D-3D plans

Our “Dollhouse” mode allows you to have an overview of the entire property.

Media content

Full integration of photos, videos, texts, and links for a more interactive rendering.

Compatible with all virtual reality headsets

Share your virtual tour easily on all your communication and social media channels

Advertise all THE benefits of your institution

Help your customers prepare for coming to your establishment

Facilitate easy appointment making

Our achievements

Some of visite-virtuelle’s most recent projects.


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